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Heavy-Duty Foldable & Adjustable Dog Car Barrier | Great for SUV’S Universal Fit + Free Bonus Collapsible Travel Bowl & Travel Case

Ruff 'n Ruffus Pet Car Barrier | Enjoy the Ride!

Ruff 'n Ruffus brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together.

The Ruff 'n Ruffus Metal Dog Barrier keeps your dog out of the driver and passenger seat. It creates a more comfortable and safer haven for the driver, passengers, and pets.

It is made with heavy-duty material, can easily withstand the dog's pull and grab force, for long-lasting use. This adjustable pet barrier virtually fits in any wagon or SUV by attaching to the headrest easily.

Easy folding design

The Car Barrier can be folded, which makes it convenient to store when not in use. Additionally, this folding design provides convenience to carry in a travel case.

Comfortable and Safe

The sturdy and wide barrier can prevent the dog from going into the front seat and keep it comfortable in the capacious cargo area.

Free Bonus

We are immensely grateful for our valued customers, so as a special thank you gift we have included a Free travel case and collapsible bowls.

How to assemble the Car barrier

49 reviews for New Car barrier for Pets | PetGuard Pro

  1. michael


    Once I determined the size and position it works perfectly. I’m an older woman so climbing in and out of suv to attach was a challenge for me but I feel my new rescue lab is secure and keeps us both safe. Worth the effort and cost.

  2. michael

    Katelyn price

    Easy to use, easy to clean. Works exactly as described

  3. michael

    Big Tron

    I like how this setup was fairly inexpensive and you can basically adjust it for the interior roof-line of your vehicle. I bought it to keep my dog from putting her snout over the rear seats and drooling all over them. One thing to consider though is that this is not as robust as one of the full length dividers so if you are buying a divider to keep a strong willed dog from moving up into the front seats, this probably wont last.

  4. michael

    Jane Stewart

    Easy to set in place and will keep our huskyfrom causing interference with driving. We now have one in two of our vehicles.

  5. michael

    Lyndsay Boyd

    This was definitely easy to install. It keeps our Boxer contained for long road trips. He used to climb all over the kids in the backseat and cause chaos lol

  6. michael


    I just received the barrier. A 2 person installation was recommended, but I was able to manage by myself. Installation was pretty simple. So far so good with my dogs. I think they’re a little miffed about it…lol.

  7. michael

    Manny and Kelsey

    Easy to install. Sturdy. Recommended!!

  8. michael


    This dog barrier is GREAT. I have a 6 month old rottie who loves to chew on literally everything and would jump from the back seat to the front which made it very dangerous to drive. I got this and she hasn’t been able to get to the front seat yet, the barrier hasn’t budged. I have a smaller car (chevy sonic) so there is a gap still between the two front seat near the floor that she sticks her head through if she manages to get under the hammock car seat cover I have so I do think it would be nice to have a separately purchasable extension, but its not a big problem. I don’t really ever have other people in my car so the fact that it takes a bit to take down is not an issue for me. Its sturdy and durable so I would definitely recommend to anyone with a strong dog.

  9. michael

    Tracy Salas

    I like that this product is made to go behind the front seats, instead of the backseats. I have purse hooks on the drivers seat and passenger seat and I rested this item on that, which made it easier for one person to install.

  10. michael


    This works great when all is said and done. It was harder to install than it should’ve been. The straps provided were way too short. I was just putting it in a 4runner. If the straps were longer I’d be a lot happier. Also, if the straps were some kind of hook and loop or easier method to take off and on, that would be ideal, because I have a third row in my 4runner, which means I’d have take this down if we don’t have the dog with us, have all the kids, and need access from the front. This is a frequent occurrence for me.

  11. michael


    Perfect for my buddies…

  12. michael

    Ana F.

    It wasn’t the easiest to put together, not that easy to install.

  13. michael

    Joshua B

    I liked the construction of this, but it was quite awkward to install. I spent a lot of time removing/adjusting the position of the side panels to get them right. When it came to attaching to the seat, it became quite a juggling act of trying to hold the whole thing up, while fishing straps through the screen and around headrests. When done I found I needed to add another strap (not included) to the middle as it still sat quite loose with noticeable sag.Once I had it in, I was confident it would keep my spastic dogs in the back. It did its job.

  14. michael

    Jeff D

    The product worked until one of the cam-buckle straps that hold it to the seat was inadvertently broken during disassembly. Reached out to the company via Amazon and their website and was promptly replaced!

  15. michael


    My puppy is crazy. Sweet, but crazy. She’s 1 year old and would love nothing more than jump all over the car while I’m driving. It’s distracting and unsafe, so I tried this fence contraption. I’ll admit, the first one took me a bit to figure out how to install, but the second one went much faster. (I’ve purchased and installed in both of our cars – ‘09 Toyota RAV4 and ‘15 RAV4.)As soon as I got it installed we put the pup in the back and tried it out. She whiiiiined and howled and even tried to chew the anchors, but it held firm. After a few days of taking rides to and from the dog park, she completely forgot about her archenemies: car fence. The gate effectively keeps the rambunctious 55 lb boxer puppy in the back where she belongs, keeping my kids happy and my car clean(er). It is durable and works perfectly. Very reasonable for the price.The best install tip I can give you is to “pre” screw in the anchors a bit, and to align the anchors vertically rather than horizontally.Recommend!*** bonus, they send you a poop bag holder, roll of bags, and collapsible water bowl. ***

  16. michael


    I really like this product. It was easy to install in my Mazda CX9 and it keeps the dogs in the back. I only gave it 4 stars because my dogs were able to move it enough to get their heads through but otherwise it does its job and keeps them from jumping up front.

  17. michael

    Amazon Customer

    This was easy to assemble and fit well. Poor Bugsy is not happy. He can’t jump into the front seat anymore

  18. michael


    This is a very sturdy and relatively easy to install. My rescue dog has high anxiety riding in the car and insisted on sitting on my lap. I knew it wasn’t safe and tried probably four other ways to contain him in the back but nothing worked. Until now! He has tried ever way possible to get in front but he cannot. I set him up with a tarp and lots of pillows in back hoping one day he will settle and have fun. Highly recommended!

  19. michael


    I have a Subaru Forester, and the trunk size (attached to the back seats) is taller and wider than the max of this barrier. I had to place it lower on than I wanted to gain additional support from the backs of the seats for sturdiness. So far my border collie has not yet figured out that she might be able to sneak past. They also supply additional zip ties, which I did use to create additional points of support. Note for installation, if the bolts don’t reach, it’s because you need to flip the metal piece around. The metal cross sections are soldered on one side, which makes them slightly raised up. So make sure the two raised sides are facing one another to create the smallest distance for the brackets and bolt.

  20. michael

    Jay Clemmons

    Fits the 20 Ford Edge perfectly. Easy to install.

  21. michael


    I use this in our SUV and it works great when I put the dog in the luggage area. We had a older dog that needed help so we had to use the back seat. It would have been nice if there had been another panel that could block the area between the two front seats, but it works for us.

  22. michael

    Kathy C

    Easy to install, configure to the shape of my car, and assemble. Also easy to remove when necessary

  23. michael

    Girl With Freckles

    I have a 2005 Subaru Forester which is known for being difficult when it comes to these types of gates since it’s an older design and has the middle seatbelt coming from the ceiling in order to be “over the shoulder”. I like that the center piece of this design unfolds into a larger single unit and the side pieces can be added where I want to create a unique barrier. Our 13 month-old GSP (65 lbs) was all over the car and I was scared that he would cause an accident. Although he does t like the gate, he is obeying it and accepting that he can’t climb around it or chew his way through it. Not sure I would like this design for use directly behind the front seats, but it does the job keeping him in the back area. I was able to install it alone but it would have saved a lot of time if I’d waited for my husband to come home.

  24. michael


    I have a Lexus RX 350. I purchased this product to keep a very strong dog in the back of the car for my safety as she was all over without it. It was a little tricky one person install but not hard. I was unable to use the knobs for expanding the product on the two smaller size because it was just a little to big for my cargo area. I ended up using zip ties to use the side extensions. It works fine and my dog has not gotten over the back seat. Overall I am happy with this product and have had it for about 4 months.

  25. michael

    Olivia Naxon

    We bought this to keep out cats safe in a cross county move. There is a slight gap between the roof and the side bar. I have a Honda CRV, I think it would fit perfectly in a smaller car. We added cardboard to hide the open space so our cats don’t jump through, but it would work perfectly for a dog.

  26. michael

    Andrew WS

    Parent of four dogs here, two of which are Saint Bernards. The young Saint LOVES to climb over to the back seat and then plop on my lap when we reach wherever we go. Obviously annoying and dangerous so I ordered this barrier. It was very easy to assemble and seems sturdy enough to keep my girl Charlie where she belongs.

  27. michael

    Preston Glaude

    The instructions weren’t apparent

  28. michael


    Simple and keeps my dog out of the front seat. Only negative is that it’s kinda awkward to install and the black powder coating on the metal began flaking at the hinges almost immediately. On the plus side, it keeps my dog from shifting the gears of my car while it’s moving.

  29. michael


    We have 2 large dogs that like come in the front seat while driving. Can’t wait to see if it will work!

  30. michael

    Robert A. Garnand

    The product is great—very simple to install. The company is really awesome! They said it would come with a gift and it actually came with two! The gifts are useful as well. Just an all-around great experience we had with them.

  31. michael


    I bought this barrier to keep our dog in the cargo area of our Honda CRV. We only needed to install the middle section to cover the open area to the back seat. Installation was easy. The barrier is sturdy and doesn’t slip or move around at all. Very pleased with the purchase!

  32. michael

    Dana Crowell

    I recently bought a new 3-row SUV so that I can permanently fold down the 3rd row of seats for my Great Dane. I needed a barrier to keep her from hanging her head over the 2nd row and slobbering all over the leather! This barrier works beautifully. It’s sturdy and just the right size. I didn’t need the top bar, so simply removed it. It did take some time to assemble the bars, but my husband took care of it and didn’t seem to mind. Overall a good solution. I gave it 4 stars simply because of the time it took to assemble then install it.

  33. michael


    Very easy to install. It’s adjustable

  34. michael

    Craig Vansandt

    The directions weren’t helpful, so we opted to use youtube. Once it attached (in just a few minutes) it seems sturdy. Our only concern is that there is still a significant amount of room from the top of the barrier to the ceiling of my SUV. I have a very strong Boxer puppy (7 months) and he’s a jumper. He hasn’t gotten over the top of the barrier yet, but I have only had it 3 days. We have extended the head rests as high as they will go so that the barrier would be as high as it can go, as well. We are hoping this works to keep him in the back. If so, we are very pleased with the product.

  35. michael

    Shelly Townsend

    We have a big 130lb beast of a dog, and on road trips he gets scared and anxious and climbs over the seat right into the kids and I’m fighting him to jump back. So I went on a hunt for something that would keep him in his spot. I bought this car barrier and it fit perfect in our 4runner. We went on a road trip and halfway through he started pacing. He found a small gap (on the very side) and pushed his nose and paw through and we all froze. And after a minute sitting there with his nose smooshed he gave up and went back and laid down! WOOHOO! No fighting the dog anymore! The added goodies were super nice and clip right on the barrier. Thank you for making our road trips pleasant again!

  36. michael

    Jake C.Jake C.

    Appears sturdy and functional but the paint on the hinges are all starting chip badly. I’d return it but I need it for an upcoming trip. I will update if it continues to get worse.

  37. michael


    It’s does the job of keeping my dog in the back. It’s not hard to install and it’s fairly easy to put on and take off.

  38. michael

    John D Haffner

    The barrier is just the ticket for traveling with two rambunctious dogs. It is easy to install and remove, keeps the dogs safely in the rear of the SUV and with its carry bag perfect to keep in the vehicle.

  39. michael


    Great product. Easy to install and adjustable to fit well.

  40. michael

    Amazon Customer

    i havent had the time to use it with the dog in the car but i have installed it in my car. it was very easy to install and seems to be of good quality. it does not rattle at all which i was concerned about. i hate things that rattle in my car. drives me crazy. hopefully it will be exactly what i needed. looks good though

  41. michael

    Pat Shaughnessy

    Sturdy and easy to install

  42. michael


    I wanted it to use behind my front seats. It worked for MY dog but probably wouldn’t for an escape artist. Using three of the grid pieces we were able to block the opening between the front seats and enough of the top. it was easy to assemble with two people to hold pieces while the other tightens. My headrests are such that the dog can only get his nose through on the window sides. A small dog could get through by going under the grid area between the seats ( at the console). Also, using this behind the front row means that both front seats need to be sitting within a couple inches or less from one another. My dog doesn’t “challenge” the guard so it works for us.

  43. michael


    I had no idea these existed. What a pleasant surprise to find this product. Taking my crazy dogs anywhere caused so much anxiety because they wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to. My 85 lb. Lab is very anxious and really strong. It held her back and it made everyone less anxious. It is good to know I can take them to dog parks now without them choking themselves on the seat tethers or leaping through the car cabin like kangaroos. I would 100% recommend this car barriers to family and friends alike. Reasonable priced.

  44. michael


    Well I did not like when I finally went to install the barrier, I notice I was missing pieces, I am missing 4 hooks and 2 clamps.

  45. michael

    Amazon Customer

    As advertised with great support.

  46. michael


    This car barrier first my QX60 very well and prevents my lab puppy from jumping into the second or first row of my car. It took both my husband and myself to install this and get it right enough so that it doesn’t rattle when driving, but it’s not moving at all now, so no rattle, which is great! I do wish that the grid was larger because it can be a little difficult to see out the rear window because the grid is pretty small, but this is the only drawback. I believe that this will last for years!

  47. michael


    The barrier was easy to install and works like a charm in my mid-size SUV. The customer service at Ruff ‘n Ruffus goes above and beyond. I originally got this product with a missing component. Upon reaching out to Ruff ‘n Ruffus, they immediately sent me a new Dog Car Barrier, which arrived in 2-days. They made the entire process smooth and seamless. Would definitely buy again!

  48. michael

    Mr & Mrs. Carter

    I love this because it blocks my dogs from me while I am driving but also doesn’t block them from seeing me. Love it….

  49. michael

    Sam I am

    Seller customer service was stellar. Would highly recommend them and would definitely buy from them again. Had an issue mounting barrier and I reached out to them very helpful, SUPER responsive…I can’t say enough good things, was truly a pleasent experience . The barrier was sturdy EASY to mount and adjustable to fit all car types…I used it to keep 3 furbabies in the rear safe, on several trips

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